Food allergies are becoming more recognized by the public.

The templates provided with PriceCardPro software include all major allergen symbols so you can assure compliance with legislation such as that introduced by the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation and the FDA.

Regulations require all food service organisations serving unpackaged food or food packaged on site that is for immediate consumption to clearly display details of all items which contain specific allergens.

PriceCardPro makes this easy.

Helpful links

We’ve compiled a list of resources you may find helpful.

  • FDA Nutritional Facts Label (USA Only) Read More
  • Advice on food allergen labelling (UK Only) Read More
  • ISEGA Food Safety Certification (PDF) Read More

What do your customers think of your display?

Two-thirds of American shoppers said they would feel more confident purchasing from an independent retailer where you could clearly see the allergen/nutritional information on display

Six in ten said they find it hard to read the labeling/food allergens and nutritional information when browsing their local retailer’s products.

What our customers think

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In the old days, it was a really laborious process – this has really changed everything.

Hicksons Quality Food, Lincolnshire
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