PriceCardPro software provides clear, quick and simple-to-use pre-defined card templates: just drag and drop in your brand logo.

If you are more confident, you can set up your own templates to work from.

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What do your customers think of your display?

Two-thirds of American shoppers said they would feel more confident purchasing from an independent retailer where you could clearly see the allergen/nutritional information on display

Six in ten said they find it hard to read the labeling/food allergens and nutritional information when browsing their local retailer’s products.

What our customers think

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In the old days, it was a really laborious process – this has really changed everything.

Leakers Bakery, Bridport
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More benefits

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Eye catching

Produce professional-looking cards to transform your visual merchandising

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Food safe

Help you create durable, hygienic and wipe-clean price labels, that won’t contaminate your food products.

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Display all mandatory information including nutrition and allergens